Below is an indication of prices for some of the work I carry out. As the work involved varies, an exact price will be confirmed once we have discussed your requirements and on sight of the garment.
Shorten hem (machined) £10.00, Shorten hem (turn-ups) £14.00
Shorten hem (blind hem) £12.00, Shorten hem (jeans) £12.00
Taper legs £14.00, Take in/let out £14.00

Jackets & Coats:
Shorten sleeves £15.00

Shorten sleeves £12.00, Take in £12.00

Dresses & Skirts:
Shorten hem (machined) £10.00, Shorten hem (blind hem) £12.00
Shorten hem (with lining) £15.00
Take in sides/waist £15.00

Other services also undertaken, such as:
Curtains (shorten)
Cushion making
Prom dress & bridesmaid dress alterations

Please call me to discuss your requirements and for a quote.

Price Guide